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Real time technology provides an alternative method of managing risks on construction projects

30 January 2017

In an industry where new projects are limited and profits margins are severally depressed, it is important for the industry to consider innovative ways to weather the storm.

The ability of a project team to identify and manage issues, without delay as work progresses, is increasingly becoming important to reduce the, actual and time related, costs incurred to remedy defective work, address issues, and to ensure work is completed timeously.

The traditional approach of identifying and remedying defective work or issues is a delayed process. It is has also become inefficient in an environment where the loss of time has consequences for both the employer and the contractor. The risks can be managed more effectively if issues can be identified and communicated accordingly, and in real time. In other words, reducing the passage of time between identifying the issue and addressing it.

Real time technology provides an alternative method of managing risks on construction projects. An article recently published on the Engineering News website, reviews the uses of google glasses and drones to do this.

Procore and drones are real-time software application, and hardware, respectively, being used by professional teams to identify issues on construction sites, assessing the issues against the scope of work and communicating deficiencies to the contractor promptly to be remedied. The benefits are to lessen the time wasted identifying, communication, and addressing, the issues.

The result is an efficient means of managing the risks of costs overruns and avoidance of failing to complete the work within the construction period due to time taken to remedy issues.

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Author: Tsele Moloi, Associate