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MDA has developed a comprehensive range of commercial skills and competences over the past 16 years to support our clients through the construction project lifecycle – from tender to closeout.

MDA’s skilful application of contractual mechanisms and commercial insight allows the early identification of challenges, ensures proper compliance with contractual obligations and avoids commercial risks eventuating.

Site Administration

MDA places skilled commercial resources on site to engage with our client’s onsite resources in day-to-day contract administration.

MDA’s site administration support enables proper compliance with applicable prescribed contractual provisions by:

  • developing complete commercial strategies;
  • administering contemporary records;
  • preparing contractually compliant correspondence and notices.

MDA‘s commercial support enables our clients to comprehensively realise their commercial objectives.

Claims Management

MDA implements claims management strategies to ensure our clients comprehensively realise their contractual entitlements by:

  • assessing events occurring through the project lifecycle
  • identifying the contractual or other basis for each entitlement;
  • formulating a comprehensive argument with reference to the construction contract, applicable authority and contemporary records;
  • quantifying the extent of the entitlement to additional payment and / or extension of time; and
  • compiling the claim documentation motivating the argument for submission.

Audits and ‘Lessons Learnt’ Workshops

MDA audits contemporary records at critical points during the project lifecycle, after completion of the construction works or during closeout to identify causes for commercial risk events having eventuated.

Through ‘lessons learnt’ workshops MDA assists our clients to understand the non-compliances, determine corrective actions and implement rectification procedures.

Our clients’ systems are then geared to effectively identify causes for commercial risks events and implement best commercial practice to realise commercial objectives.