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Who should bear the risk of community unrest and strikes?

Odette Potgieter, MDA senior associate, discusses the impact of how strikes, community unrest, service delivery protests, taxi protests and other uniquely South African events disrupt and delay the works on construction projects.

Be careful who you contract with

Chris Bennett, MDA director, talks to CNBC Africa’s Guguletu Cele, on the growing rate of liquidations in the construction industry. Contractors and sub-contractors are warned that payments can be clawed back from them if their contracting counter-party winds up in liquidation.

How liquidations in construction can impact you

Taryn van Deventer, MDA senior associate, discusses the growing number of liquidations in the construction industry. “Stats SA indicated a 6.5% growth of liquidations in 2014 and reported an average of five liquidations a month in the construction industry. On account of the economic situation in South Africa, liquidations are on the rise and this situation can adversely affect those investing in construction projects and being appointed as contractors and sub contractors on new projects.”

Can South Africa meet the demand for Adjudication?

Euan Massey, MDA director, discusses the effect of the shortage of Adjudicators currently being experienced in the South African construction industry. “We expect a dramatic increase in the number of adjudications, which will require an increased number of adjudicators, practitioners and adjudicator nominating bodies. We anticipate that at least 100 competent adjudicators will be required in the short term”.

Collective Wisdom Annual Lecture – 2015

The Impact of Payment Regulations on Construction Industry Practice

Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo, guest presenter at the second annual MDA Collective Wisdom lecture, speaks about the implementation of similar Payment Regulations in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia, explores the teething problems experienced by stakeholders and considers the profound impact of such statutory intervention on traditional industry practices.

MDA Collective Wisdom 2015 - Panel Discussion

MDA Director Ian Massey, industry expert Peter Odell and Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo discuss the intricacies of the Malaysian Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act (CIPAA).

MDA Collective Wisdom Lecture 2014 – Dr. Robert Gaitskell, QC

MDA Consulting held its Inaugural Collective Wisdom Lecture on 17 September 2014, with guest speaker Dr. Robert Gaitskell, QC (“Dr. Gaitskell”). Dr. Gaitskell overviewed the genesis of adjudication in the United Kingdom, its spread to many other Commonwealth jurisdictions and international adjudication practice with reference to contractual adjudication procedures prescribed in international standard form construction contracts, including the FIDIC 1999 (First Edition) and NEC3.

MDA Collective Wisdom 2014 - Panel Discussion

MDA’s Inaugural Collective Wisdom Lecture, with guest speaker Dr. Robert Gaitskell, QC (“Dr. Gaitskell”) was followed by a panel discussion centering around the growing significance of adjudication in the South African construction industry.

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