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MDA’s engagement with the South African construction industry through collaboration with the University of Pretoria in designing and delivering the Certificate Programme in Construction Adjudication, tailoring in-house training programmes and facilitating public seminars across a spectrum of relevant industry related topics ensures best – fit training interventions for our clients.

MDA’s specialized training interventions deliver accredited and practically orientated training in international and South African standard form (and bespoke) construction contracts and related contractual issues, managing claims under construction contracts, construction contract management and administration, subcontracting and construction dispute management and resolution procedures.

University of Pretoria

In collaboration with the University of Pretoria, MDA has expanded its engagement with the South African construction industry to design, construct and facilitate the Certificate Programme in Construction Adjudication – an accredited course developed by MDA in collaboration with the University of Pretoria.

MDA’s unique facilitation competence is complemented through the University of Pretoria’s commitment to training excellence and continued professional development across the construction environment ensuring industry relevant quality assured training interventions.

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In-house training solutions

MDA’s in-house training interventions afford clients the unique opportunity to draw on MDA’s extensive practical industry experience and specialized facilitation competence through focused training interventions.

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Project Kick-off Workshops

MDA’s project kick-off workshops are interactive contact sessions with our clients’ project team and other stakeholders.

During the project kick-off workshops we explore project specific contract documentation, identify possible commercial risks, formulate appropriate responses to anticipated commercial challenges and develop documentation to ensure commercial compliance.

MDA’s project kick-off workshops have repeatedly been credited with assisting participants in minimizing unnecessary disputes that compromise relationships and maximizing the opportunity to realise commercial success.

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15 August 2017


17 August 2017

Port Elizabeth

16 August 2017

The NEC Contracts have been updated and streamlined following feedback from the industry, considering Government priorities and emerging best practice. Join MDA Consulting at an informative breakfast as we unpack the changes to this new suite of contracts.

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